In the last couple of weeks we encountered some issues that we did not expect and hence we have to delay the start of the testing.

One of the main time consumers is the start of the summer semester and unfortunately the change in university’s policy to make attendance mandatory for all classes (if you miss three classes, you fail the course) really messed up our plans.

On the development part, I encountered some serious performance issues when I decided to implement sound effects. Apparently, if there is a pause of 4 seconds (no sound for that time), the next sound effect that will be played causes an FPS choke which is very noticeable. I did not manage to find the root cause of the problem so I decided to create an empty XNA WP7 Project. I play a sound effect every 10 seconds without any other code in the Update() method. To my surprise, the same thing happened here. Then I decided to check our first game Aqua Guard, and I noticed the same thing happened there too (when the first sound effect fired and the music was turned off). If there is no pause longer than 4 seconds and you play a different effect, there are no problems. You can download the sample project here. If you have a solution, please let me know :).

What I decided to do was to have an empty sound effect (silence) play after every 3 seconds just to make sure that 4 second pause does not occur. This workaround seems to have solved the problem, but that still is not the best solution, even though I do not have any FPS chokes now.

Since we do not have a sound designer I have to take care of that part. So, I am currently struggling with that part. I found some nice free music tracks that seem to fit the game pretty well.

On the other hand, my brother finished an enemy ship he was working on and he is currently working on the menus. To stick to the ‘template’, here is a shot of the F-16 Falcon. This will be a playable aircraft.