In the last few weeks, the media in Macedonia overhyped our WOWZAPP 2012 first place award. We were interviewed by a few TV and radio stations, internet news portals and our university even arranged a meeting with the President of Macedonia.

There were some hiccups along the way with false reports saying the game is already out, our team got hired by Microsoft, etc. We wasted a lot of time with these false reports, trying to contact the people who made them public so they can correct them. But, the media today is a complete mess, at least ours is. After few minutes of being mentioned in one place (in our case DW), a chain-reaction was started and the news article was already grabbed by few other news portals. I was pretty disappointed because when we were giving the interviews they said we will be contacted when the news article is done so we can check the validity of the information, but this never happened. So on one hand, the game got a pretty cool promotion in Macedonia, but on the other hand… the false reports… ugh. And, yes, the pressure is much greater now since many people are expecting an interesting game.

Enough about the media, the goal of this post is about the game itself and not the media coverage.

The Progress Report

After WOWZAPP 2012, we started refactoring the (ugly) code we wrote during WOWZAPP. In December, we had to focus on our university courses (and we were a bit lazy 🙂 ) so we did not do a lot of progress. We were planning to release a closed beta by the end of January (yes, that’s today) but unfortunately we missed that deadline due to several reasons.

Because Macedonian Developers are not yet supported by the Windows 8 Store, we decided to focus on the Windows Phone version of the game.

The code is fully refactored now and I am currently working on creating levels for the game. I am pretty happy that more or less the weapon and powerup systems are done and very flexible. I also implemented the Mercury Particle Engine for some nice particle effects. Rahim is currently working on setting up the high-score and achievements and he will then move to finishing up the menus and save states.

We also have some news in the art front. Abdullah decided to drop out, and now my brother, Alpay, started doing the sprite work. I do not have any in-game screenshots for you at the moment, but on the left you can see a helicopter that he created, which will be used in the final version of the game.



Beta Testing

We are planning to start the beta test by the end of February. If you have a Windows Phone (either 7 or 8) and are interested in testing our game (and pinky-swear to give feedback), contact me. I better get back and continue working on those levels before we miss another deadline. Thanks for reading.